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Guide to Watch Movements

Introduction to Watch Movements

A product of true craftsmanship, luxury watches are functional works of art. Crafted from high-quality materials with precision and care, these timepieces are a worthwhile investment that will withstand many years of wear with proper maintenance. Centuries of innovation and remarkable engineering have resulted in the most pristine watch movements. From manually wound watches to automatic movement, craftsmen continue to build upon these mechanisms with emerging technologies.

Manual Movement

Manual movement is one of two types of mechanical movement used in watchmaking today. It is also the oldest and most traditional type of movement. Energy is provided to the timepiece through the use of daily winding. By turning the crown several times, energy is stored within the watch. As the spring begins to unwind, that same energy is released, powering the watch hands and other functions. Some watches will require regular winding while others might need to be wound every few days.

Automatic Movement

Automatic movement, sometimes referred to as “self-winding”, is the other form of mechanical movement. When wearing automatic watches, the wearer does not need to worry about daily winding as the piece harnesses its energy through the friction from the natural motion of the wrist. These types of watches will maintain power as long as they are worn regularly. Automatic movement works similarly to manual movement, however, there is the addition of a rotor. This metal weight is connected to the movement and freely moves around. As the wrist moves, energy is transferred through the spinning rotor.

Quartz Movement

Timepieces with quartz movements are the most accurate at keeping time. These watches are powered by an electrical current that is sent from the battery through a quartz crystal. The vibrations caused by electrifying the crystal keep the movement turning and drive the motor to continue moving the watch's hands. Quartz-powered watches are very convenient because they are low maintenance and only require battery replacement over a period of time. In addition, these timepieces are highly cost-effective.

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