What are the 4 C’s of Diamonds? There are many qualities a diamond possesses that attributes to its overall beauty. The Gemological Institute of America outlines four main characteristics to look for, often referred to as the 4C’s—carat, cut, color, and clarity. Through precise grading metrics, each quality is measurable and ultimately influences the overall price of the diamond. Understand... [+] Read More
Watch Maintenance | Expand the Life of Your Watch If we asked, “ What’s the most important aspect of owning a luxury watch?” Would you say maintaining its appearance? Making sure that your timepiece is accurate? Perhaps you may say keeping your watch dry and water-resistant is key. Whichever statement resonates with you the most falls under the same commonality: proper ... [+] Read More
Watch Movements 101 There are several considerations to be made when purchasing a luxury watch, and the type of movement you choose is one of the most important decisions you will make. For those who are unfamiliar, a watch's movement refers to the mechanism that causes it to tick. Manual, automatic, and quartz watch movements are the three main varieties. Each one has its own set of advantages a... [+] Read More
Introduction to Watch Movements A product of true craftsmanship, luxury watches are functional works of art. Crafted from high-quality materials with precision and care, these timepieces are a worthwhile investment that will withstand many years of wear with proper maintenance. Centuries of innovation and remarkable engineering have resulted in the most pristine watch movements. From manually w... [+] Read More
  Introduction to Diamond Shapes  The way a diamond is cut can completely change the tone and style of a ring. From the classic round to the vintage cushion, there are many factors to consider when choosing what cut the center stone should be for your engagement ring. This diamond cut guide will explain each unique characteristic that the cut brings to the table so that you can... [+] Read More
An Expert Watch Strap Guide An essential component of any luxury timepiece is a proper watch strap. Having an array of different bracelets is not only ideal for changing the appearance of a watch, but also for expanding one's collection in a more cost-effective way. There are a variety of straps that are made from different materials and provide a distinct appearance and purpose to a timepiece.... [+] Read More
Introduction to Watch Crystals Watch crystals are an often-overlooked feature that is actually quite an important factor when shopping for a designer timepiece. The watch crystal protects the delicate workings of your watch and allows it to keep on ticking. Crystals come in a variety of materials, each providing its own benefits. Explore your choices with this helpful guide to ensure you choose... [+] Read More
Guide to Watch Complications Luxury watches can elevate your style and make life simpler with a wide variety of practical complications. These features can vary from watch to watch depending on what the timepiece was designed to be utilized for. Before you shop for your next watch, it’s best to have an understanding of the various complications available to ensure that you are ch... [+] Read More
Introduction to Watch Key Terms Designer watches are a true testament to style, luxury, and master craftsmanship. Watches feature many functions and knowing which qualities are ideal for you ensures that you make the best possible purchase. Whether you are a seasoned collector or looking to buy your first watch, familiarizing yourself with key terms can make your shopping experience no... [+] Read More

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