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Guide to Watch Complications

Guide to Watch Complications

Luxury watches can elevate your style and make life simpler with a wide variety of practical complications. These features can vary from watch to watch depending on what the timepiece was designed to be utilized for. Before you shop for your next watch, it’s best to have an understanding of the various complications available to ensure that you are choosing the perfect piece to add to your collection.

Day/Date - The day/date complication displays either the day, the date, or a combination of both. While the day may be spelled out, it is often abbreviated to save space. This is perhaps the most common complication and can be adjusted using the crown. This complication can be indicated in a variety of ways through a small aperture set into the dial, a smaller sub-dial, or by spelling out the day of the week on the dial with a smaller hand that moves as the day changes.

Month - When a watch has a month complication it often works in the same manner as the day/date complication. The month can be spelled out but it is more commonly abbreviated and is either indicated in an aperture on the dial or through a smaller sub-dial. Similar to the day/date, this complication can also be set and adjusted using the crown.

Perpetual Calendar - This is the most intricate calendar feature available. It indicates the day, date, month, and year. It also accurately takes leap years into account.

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) - This feature is very popular with frequent travelers. It allows you to keep track of more than one time zone simultaneously in several ways. A separate movement on a smaller dial set into the watch face can highlight another time zone or a 24-hour hand can be set independently of the regular hour and minute hands.

Chronograph - Popular among sporting and racing enthusiasts, chronograph watches have a built-in stopwatch complication. Either a single or double pusher activates the minute sub-dial and second hand that allows you to stop, start, and reset the timer to zero. This allows you to track a single measurement of time or an interrupted measurement of time.

Moonphase Complication - This complication shows the phases of the moon, displaying a full, half, quarter, or new moon as it changes. The roots of this complication can be traced back to its nautical heritage when sailors used the moon to gauge the changing tides. This feature is often appreciated for its aesthetic appearance.

Power Reserve Indicator - This complication measures the amount of power remaining in the mainspring of a watch. Found in mechanical watches, depending on the amount of energy that the mainspring is able to store, the indicator can display the hours or days of power remaining. This complication is very useful to ensure that a watch is wound when needed in order to keep all features functioning effectively.

Jumping Hour - This feature displays the hour in an aperture that changes every sixty minutes.

Alarm - This common feature can be found on manual, automatic, and quartz movements. The alarm can be set separately from the main time to alert the wearer of a task or event.

Minute Repeater - This complication has not been commonly used since the 19th century when it was often found in pocket watches. It features a lever or button on the side of the case that, when activated, triggers a chime to indicate the minute and hour.

Tourbillon - The tourbillon, a rare feature that improves the balance of a watch, is a highly prized complication utilized in high-end watches. Invented by A.L. Breguet, this feature eliminates timekeeping errors that occur naturally as a result of gravity and constantly changing watch positions.

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