Introduction To Rani Haar

In the Hindi language, “rani” means queen and “haar” means necklace. Rani haar together means necklaces fit for a queen, imbuing the wearer’s ensemble, typically a wedding saree, with a look of regality and honor. Women wear these necklaces on their wedding day, and long-standing traditions in India dictate that mothers will either pass down their own or gift their daughters with a rani haar. Rani haars are traditionally elaborately jeweled, long necklaces made of high-quality materials like high carat yellow gold and other gems. Traditional style and timeless style meet in one of these universally gorgeous pieces.

Popular Rani Haar Styles

In order to evoke all the glitz and glamor of queenly prestige, yellow gold is almost always used in this style of necklace. Bright and spectacular, high-karat gold is a perfect match. One of the current most popular styles of rani haar features many pearl-beaded strands attached to a large, eye-catching gold pendant with intricate metalwork designs. Pearls are often used in rani haar for their luminous appearance and because they symbolize purity and wholeness. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are widely used to evoke regality and grand splendor. As these necklaces are made for special occasions, they spare no expense.

Additional Rani Haar Styles

To incorporate more color at a lower price point than precious gems, many designers of rani haar will utilize semi-precious elements like citrine, onyx, tourmalines, corals, and multi-colored enamel. Rani haar necklaces also vary in length and number of strands. While most are long, matinee length, chokers are also available to accommodate varying necklines. Incredibly intricate metalwork decorates gold beads and pendants that serve as the piece's focal point. Motifs like flowers, leaves and other symbols from nature frequently appear in popular designs, evoking the beauty of the natural world in elegant patterns.

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