Discover Why There Is No “Right” Way to Wear Your Wedding Ring

Modern brides make everything their own, including the way they wear their wedding bands. Read on to discover ways to throw tradition to the wind when it comes to your wedding jewelry.

Marriage is a journey that each couple embarks on together, figuring things out as they go. As in life, there is no instruction manual. The same can be said of how to wear wedding jewelry. There are plenty of options, ranging from traditional styles to modern, outside-of-the-box looks, and there are reasons to appreciate each style. Whatever option you embrace on your journey, the important thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong way. Read on to explore ways to wear wedding bands to discover the style that speaks to your unique personality and why there is no right way to wear your ring.

Stick to Tradition

Once upon a time, brides were taught to wear their wedding ring “closest to their heart,” with the engagement ring sitting on top once the wedding ring is placed on the finger on the big day. The rings are stacked and worn on the ring finger of the left hand. For the bride that enjoys respecting time-honored tradition, this style is ideal and it is the most common way for bridal jewelry to be worn.

Modern Brides, Modern Styles

While many brides follow the old standards of tradition, whether out of habit or for aesthetic preference, modern brides are doing what they do best and pushing the limits of tradition. Many brides are opting to switch up the style and wear their wedding ring on top of the engagement ring, effectively sealing the engagement.

This style works well for the bride who likes every aspect of her life to follow a sense of order. When rings are worn in the order received, everything feels like it is perfectly in place. This style has the added benefit of setting the stage to add anniversary rings in the future. Anniversary bands, which are often identical or very similar to wedding bands, provide extra sparkle to an already brilliant wedding set.

How to Wear a Wedding Ring During and After the Wedding Ceremony

During the wedding ceremony, brides have a few options for what to do with their bridal jewelry. If you wear your engagement ring on your left hand and plan to follow the tradition of stacking your engagement ring on top of your wedding band, you run the risk of awkwardly switching your rings around at a time when all eyes are on you. During the ceremony, you want things to go as smoothly as possible so consider wearing your engagement ring on your right hand until after the ceremony when you can seamlessly stack it over your freshly placed wedding band.

A Ring for Each Hand

Traditionally the engagement ring and wedding band are worn on the same finger, but brides occasionally choose to split them up for reasons that make a lot of sense. Not all wedding bands and engagement rings are perfectly matched, therefore they don’t always look cohesive as a set on the same finger.

If that is the case with your bridal set, consider wearing the engagement ring on your left hand and your wedding band on your right or vice versa. Splitting up your bridal jewelry helps to balance out the aesthetics for women who don’t like to stack their rings. This nontraditional style is becoming increasingly popular in America and is actually quite common in some European countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands.

I Do, Times Two

Creative brides are embracing both traditional and nontraditional styles by simply opting for two wedding bands. By adding a second band into the mix, they are able to wear their wedding band closest to their heart and use the other one to seal the engagement. This unique way of stacking the engagement ring in between two stunning wedding bands allows brides to show off a bridal set with maximum sparkle and shine.

Celebrating the Bonds of Marriage with Bonded Rings

Some brides may choose to stack their rings, switch their order, or even split them up between hands, but many brides opt for convenience and have the wedding and engagement ring joined together. Essentially creating one ring, this technique, known as soldering, has many benefits. If you are committed to wearing your rings together on the same hand, it reduces the need to keep track of two separate rings when they aren’t on your finger. It also helps keep them perfectly aligned when on your finger, so they don’t turn in different directions, eliminating the need for constant adjusting.

Trust in Bhindi Jewelers to Help You Find the Right Bridal Jewelry Style for You

While there may be plenty of ways to wear your wedding ring, one thing is clear: there is no right or wrong way to express your style. We each do things our own way and what works for one, doesn’t work for everyone, so find a style that speaks to your heart and rock it!

At Bhindi Jewelers, we understand that every bride is as unique as her love story, and we will help you find the perfect ring to go with your unique style. Contact us today for more information on our wedding sets or to schedule an appointment for a personalized shopping experience at one of our California or Georgia locations.

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