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Guide to Watch Crystals

Introduction to Watch Crystals

Watch crystals are an often-overlooked feature that is actually quite an important factor when shopping for a designer timepiece. The watch crystal protects the delicate workings of your watch and allows it to keep on ticking. Crystals come in a variety of materials, each providing its own benefits. Explore your choices with this helpful guide to ensure you choose the perfect crystal for your next timepiece.

Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire watch crystals set the standard for modern timepieces. As the second hardest material available next to diamonds, sapphire crystals are scratch and crack-resistant. They provide the most shine, making them ideal for luxury timepieces, but the manufacturing process is costly, resulting in a higher-priced watch. The scratch-resistant surface and attractive appearance create a watch that is ideal for a lifestyle that pairs action and style. Sapphire watches are intended for luxury purposes and aren't meant to be worn under extreme pressure or submerged in water.

Mineral Crystal

A mineral watch crystal is created by heating and chemically treating glass to increase its strength and durability. The process used to manufacture mineral crystals is effective and not overly costly. As a result, they are extremely popular choices for affordable watches and are great for anyone looking for a watch to match an active lifestyle. While mineral crystals can crack or shatter under extreme hot or cold conditions, they are able to handle great depths and pressure.

Acrylic Crystal

The acrylic watch crystal is made from inexpensive plastic and has a low-cost manufacturing process that makes for incredibly affordable watches. While acrylic crystal has low scratch resistance, the softness of the material gives it great flexibility that allows it to withstand tough impact without damage. Not often found in luxury watch brands, acrylic crystal can frequently be found in dive watches as the durability of the crystal allows it to withstand the pressure of deep-sea dives up to a certain depth.

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