A Touch of Elegance: Diamond Watches for Women

Here’s our guide detailing a list of dazzling timepieces that any lover of diamonds will find indispensable.

When you accentuate a watch with diamonds, your wrist will radiate, drawing the attention and

envy of the entire room. Donning a diamond watch sends a statement that's hard to ignore. It is the ideal blend of utility and refinement, bound to dazzle anyone who crosses your path. After over 70 years of guiding our fashionable clients towards the most immaculate, awe-inspiring fine jewelry, Bhindi Jewelers has compiled a list of undeniably gorgeous diamond watches every woman desires.


No stranger to diamond watches, Omega is one of the first brands that come to mind when envisioning luxury. For over half a century, Omega has been a pioneer in the industry of women’s watches, consistently delivering timepieces that exude elegance and sophistication. Consider a dazzling 18k gold watch with a leather strap and diamonds immaculately placed along the bexel, or a beautiful diamond and sapphire timepiece with a stunning blue leather strap.

De Ville Trésor Watch

Trésor is French for treasure, but maintains a more figurative meaning that translates to “love” or “darling”. So, in French, “mon trésor” could be translated as “my darling.” Omega first used this word, however, as a way of referencing the precise movements inside a De Ville watch.

The De Ville watch line offers a more classic look than some other Omega brands that appeal to a sportier aesthetic. The Trésor line in particular has been designed for women desiring a look of elegance and refinement.

The diamond-paved bevel on the De Ville Trésor watch gives it a look of irresistible splendor.

The hand-picked diamonds, precisely fixed into the bezel, glitter against the 18k Moonshine Gold case. This paler toned gold is resistant to fading over time, giving you a timepiece that will last for years to come.

Omega Constellation

The Omega Constellation was the first Omega watch designed to adorn a woman’s wrist. This timepiece has an enchanting watch face, immediately discernible due to its distinctive metal claws and mono-rang bracelet.

It features a diamond-encrusted bezel with a silver-white dial reminiscent of the moon’s pale surface. For added refulgence, diamond studs decorate the hour markers, resulting in a glittering shine that catches the light at any angel.


Zenith takes pride in its vast collection of women’s timepieces. Their watches represent an array of iconic styles ranging from elegant and chic to modern and unique. Credited with setting new industry standards through diligent craftsmanship and innovative features, Zenith watches feature original mechanical movements, making them unlike any other timepiece.

Defy Midnight

For those in search of a truly innovative timepiece, consider Zenith’s Defy Midnight watch, boasting gravity-defying gyroscopic features and 1/100th of a second chronograph. White diamonds overlay a stainless steel bezel, glimmer intensely as the deep blue dial depicts a celestial night. Serving as both an immensely reliable timepiece and a beautiful work of art, the Defy collection overlays functionality with feminie elegance effortlessly.

Elite Classic

The Zenith Classic watch features a classically thin, 36mm steel case with a diamond-coated bezel and blue, alligator leather strap. Marrying form and functionality, the royal blue dial delineates a sunray pattern as the ergonomic design and perfectly balanced proportions guarantee unmatched comfort. The Elite automatic manufacture movement provides a minimum of 50 hours of battery power making this timepiece a legitimate selection for adventure seekers and trendsetters alike.


Breitling is a beloved trailblazer among watch aficionados and casual wearers alike. The original Chronomat was released in 1940 by Willy Breitling as the worlds’ first two-pusher chronograph watch. Today, Breitling’s collection of Chronomats continues to set the bar for quality, accuracy, and refinement.

Chronomat Automatic 36

The Chronomat Automatic 36 is a watch suitable for any occasion — it can be worn with casual, sporty looks or formal business attire. This retro-modern inspired timepiece can be customized with rose gold and copper accents, or in full stainless steel with a stunning mint green face. Beautiful, dainty diamonds dance along the bezel and mark each hour on the watchface, allowing wearers to elevate any tired look with ease.

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