How to Pair Necklaces Together to Create A Stylish Layered Look

If you’ve been searching for a way to elevate your accessories, then layering necklaces might be the option for you! Learn how to layer your chains and delicate pieces in perfect harmony.

Going beyond simply being a trend, necklace layering is a classic look that can take pieces from your jewelry collection to a new level of sophistication. Layering necklaces is an opportunity for unique expression and experimentation. Mix and match different combinations that let you enjoy all the pieces in your jewelry collection. If you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to style your next layered necklace look, here are five ways to do so with ease.

Easiest Pieces to Layer

When choosing necklaces to layer, there will always be pieces that you reach for every time. Styles like coin necklaces and bar necklaces are often already in your collection. Tried and true, these styles pair easily with almost every other necklace.

When thinking of layering, go for understated, metal-forward pieces that you’ll want to wear every day. Chain link necklaces are a popular choice. Choose link styles such as curb, snake, or Figaro chains to mix and match with more understated necklaces.

Pick Your Main Attraction

When picking out your pieces, you should layer necklaces with one statement piece that acts as the focal point among the set. This can be a coin, pendant, or gemstone necklace that will gravitate attention as you wear them all together. Your focal piece should represent your personality like this rose gold monogrammed pendant. Think charms and anything that might represent who you are. This is the piece that will bring attention to the other beautiful styles you choose to pair it with.

Note Length When Layering

Figuring out how to pair chain lengths together can be complicated at first, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Try to start by framing your collarbone first with necklaces that are 14 inches or 16 inches in length. You can add a shorter length choker and a small statement piece at around 18 inches. Consider this gold diamond necklace as an option to mix into your medley.

If you want to go even longer, you can add a bolder statement piece at around 20 inches. We recommend keeping necklaces at least 1 inch apart for a closer look, but 2 inches is the ideal length for a layered look.

Layering With Lariats

Stunning on their own, but even better when paired, lariats are a gorgeous accessory to add to your layers. They are longer than the average chain and measure between 30-50 inches. Lariats can add dimension and texture due to their hanging tassels, beads, or charms. Due to their length, lariats should always be your longest layer. Wear them front and center or tucked into the neckline of your shirt to show the top of the necklace for a unique appearance.

Say Goodbye to Tangles

Twisting and tangling is a problem that occurs frequently when layering necklaces. Although there isn’t one ideal solution, there are many tips that can help keep necklaces from constant tangling. When layering always put on the daintier pieces first, heavier necklaces like chunky chains will help to weigh the lighter ones down to remain in place. Before clasping the necklace, dangle it from one side to get any possible twists out to prevent it from tangling even worse.

Shop Layering Necklaces at Bhindi Jewelers

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