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Watch Key Terms to Know

Introduction to Watch Key Terms

Designer watches are a true testament to style, luxury, and master craftsmanship. Watches feature many functions and knowing which qualities are ideal for you ensures that you make the best possible purchase. Whether you are a seasoned collector or looking to buy your first watch, familiarizing yourself with key terms can make your shopping experience not only more productive but much more enjoyable.

Watch Movements

The movement refers to the type of inner mechanism that powers the watch, allowing it to keep time and perform a variety of additional functions. Often referred to as “calibers,” movements can be either mechanical or quartz. Quartz movements are powered by a battery while mechanical movements are powered by winding the gears to store power in the mainspring, which is then used to power the functions. Mechanical movements can be further broken down into automatic or manual. Automatic movements, the most popular, are wound by the constant motion of the wearer’s wrist, while manual watches must be hand-wound regularly to keep time.

Watch Body

The watch body involves the physical design of the timepiece. The case protects the dial and the inner workings. On the underside of the watch is the case back which can be removed to access the delicate gears inside. The face of the watch, known as the dial, can come in a variety of colors and materials with many embellishments that add to the design. Protecting the face is the crystal which comes in various materials such as sapphire and acrylic. The bezel, a ring that surrounds the crystal, can either be stationary for a decorative appeal or can be moveable as part of one of the watch’s complications. The knob on the side of the case is known as the crown which is used to wind the watch and adjust the time.

Watch Complications

In addition to keeping time, watches include additional features, known as complications, which perform other functions. Complications can include a chronograph, moon phase indicator, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), and more. These functions not only add style and aesthetic appeal to your timepiece, but provide tools that make life easier. Complications often work by using sub-dials set into the face, an additional hand, or by using an aperture to display information such as the day or date. The inner workings of these functions can be visible in a skeleton watch or exhibition case back. Both designs utilize a clear or partially clear dial to allow the inner workings of the watch to be made visible.

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